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My Story

Brittany Moore Production LLC started in February of 2021 with solely editing projects. Since then, we have done both post-production, book publications, and full productions. We have worked with Wild Game Cooking, a Canadian television show, Creator Up, a production house in California, Yak Network, an up-and-coming game show out of Chicago, non-profits Feels Good Foundation, Rotary Club, and Best Buddies, with 89 Alien Productions, and more. 

Brittany Moore Production LLC offers everything from full film productions to book publications. Brittany Dawn Moore specializes in post-production, assistant directing, and producing. We have worked with freelancers specializing in directing, cinematography, screenwriting, photography, art and production design, illustrations, and graphic design.

Brittany began her film and television production journey at Celebration High School, where she found her love of editing and post-production. After high school, Brittany continued working on her passion for the film and television industry. She received a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Journalism and Production and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Florida.


Brittany has continued to learn and refine her craft, as she attended Full Sail University where she received a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production. Whilst in graduate school, she developed a passion for working as the 1st AD on a feature film. Brittany is now the owner of Brittany Moore Production LLC and is proud to see where this production company can go!

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